Welcome to Piccolo!

I want to welcome you to the team and let you know that we are so excited to have you joining us. We have some great things in store and can’t wait to get started!

– Anna-Vija McClain, Founder/CEO


Our goal is to provide you with a complete training guide to get you going. This page is your go-to for onboarding resources and ongoing training. This allows you to learn our systems and become prepared for your role with Piccolo.

Time Out-of-Office Coming Up?

We ask that you inform us of any time you will be out-of-office or have limited availability. If you have any questions, please reference our Contractor Handbook for full details and expectations.

Get Started

Step One

Turn In Your Paperwork

If you have not already, please complete and return each of the following:
W-9 Form & Direct Deposit Form (Complete in Gusto)

DISC Personality Test

Contractor Guidelines (Will Be Sent Directly)

Step Two

Schedule Your First Training Session

Please respond to your onboarding email and book your first training session with Kristin! You will receive further direction on booking your next sessions in Asana.


*Please skip this step if your orientation date was previously determined.

Step Three

Watch These Videos!

To get started with our core software, please watch these videos:

Quickbooks Invoicing 



Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Reference Libraries

Resources for Contractors

Project Management – ASANA

Time Tracking – Clockify

Invoicing – FreshBooks

Log In Information – LastPass

Graphic Design – Design Pickle

Give us Feedback! – Piccolo Suggestion Box

Piccolo Communication Guidelines (Sign in with Piccolo email)

Account Files (Google Drive)

Training Videos (Updated regularly)

Social Media Guidelines

Asana Best Practices

*Bookmark these pages in your browser for easy access

Our Team

Since sometimes our team doesn’t meet in person until larger meetings, here’s where you can put some faces with names!

Add our team members to your contacts list!

Our Core Company Values

1. Happiness.

2. Don’t get offended, get better.

3. We are a teaching company. 


Have Questions?

No worries! We are here to help! We can answer your questions and talk about your projects! Shoot us a message:

Kristin Haney

Operations Project Manager

[email protected]

(615) 934-7955

Brenden Cox

Senior Operations Manager

[email protected]

(229) 319-9739

David Paulsson

Client Project Manager

[email protected]

(404) 271-8167

Anna-Vija McClain


[email protected]

(615) 305-4265

Continuing Education

At Piccolo, we are a teaching company, and we want to give you the resources you need to succeed! Below are some of the continuing education series we encourage you to check out.

*We are always adding new resources! Be sure to check back in for updates.