4 Ways to Put That Pile of Business Cards to Use After a Networking Event

You’ve taken the first big step in discovering new contacts by attending a networking event, but what’s next? Don’t let all of those business cards and contacts go to waste. Put them to good use and turn those meet and greets into long-lasting and successful relationships. Here are some tips on how to follow up after a great networking event.

  1. Note the experiences you’ve had

Whether the notes consist of names, recommendations, suggestions, or even ideas you’ve come up with during the event, be sure to jot them down while they’re fresh on your mind. This may also help when contacting people you met at the event later down the road.

Tip: Write relevant notes on the back of the business cards you receive.

  1. Store contact information in a safe place

Depending on the size of the networking event, you could be walking away with your pockets full of business cards. These can be easily lost or accidentally thrown away in the midst of a busy day. Create a spreadsheet or enter the contact information onto your favorite CRM. It may even be helpful to add notes from that day to help you associate a name to a face later on.

Tip: Try Salesforce to keep your contacts organized.

  1. Contact the people you interacted with

Don’t wait until it’s too late after the networking event. Make time to send an email or contact the people you met at the networking event within 24 hours. This will make sure that you’re still fresh on their mind and make it easier for the person to recall the interaction. Even a quick thank you is recommended to the people you met.

Tip: Offer to set up a meeting when you reach out.

  1. Invite your contacts to connect on social media

Social media is a great way to keep connected and network after the event. See if you’re able to connect with people through LinkedIn. This will allow you to share and gain information through blog articles, conversations, and common interests.

Tip: Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.


Next time you get the chance to attend a networking event, try some of these follow-up tips. They’re quick and easy, but also effective in helping you stay connected with your community. You never know; the next person you meet could be your next coworker, boss or even client.

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