Send emails that get results.


Email Mastery Is Now At Your Fingertips!

Email use is growing worldwide. Is your brand missing big opportunities for growth? Engage people straight from their inbox with tools and tips our marketing experts trust.

 “Are you. . .”

1. Wondering where to start when it comes to sending and optimizing emails?

2. Overwhelmed by the thought of subscriber emails piling up?

3. Seeing your email analytics ignored or poorly understood?

It’s time for an expert approach.

Get started.

Set up your email service provider and learn how to make the most of its features.

Get content.

Create emails that convert using design and content best practices across campaigns.

Get results.

Understand your email performance metrics and use them to create stronger campaigns.

We get it. You need more than a how-to guide.

Piccolo Email Mastery includes expert support, useful tools, and customized recommendations to match your marketing goals.


Get clear on the ‘Why’ behind email marketing strategies and data sets.


Customize creative campaigns that motivate people to click links and take action.


Simplify email marketing with automated messages that add value for subscribers.


Get empowered to change your email marketing approach as your business goals change.

Optimizing email tools and campaigns creates an easy path to relevant content for subscribers who want to learn more. 

Email Mastery: How It Works

1. Launch

We meet to discuss email marketing goals and review our plan of action. 

2. Setup

We set up your email marketing for success by:

  • Optimizing your email service provider account settings and verifying it with your domain.
  • Automating your First Response/Welcome email so subscribers hear from you as soon as they join your list.

3. Templates and Designs

Piccolo Email Mastery includes the following templates and design support:

  • One First-Response/Welcome Email 
  • Two Campaign/Newsletter Templates Based on Your Content and Goals
  • Custom Header and Footer Graphics 

4. Campaign Guide

Your Email Mastery campaign guide includes our recommendations for all things email marketing, like:

  • How Often (and to Whom) to Send Emails
  • Email Analytics Best Practices
  • Guidelines for how to Interpret Email Metrics and Incorporate Data for Successful Campaigns

Optimize content. Engage subscribers. See results.

Emails are powerful. They’re your content, delivered straight to potential clients, interested followers, and loyal customers. That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of each campaign and use tools that simplify the process.

With the right setup, your email marketing software helps you segment your subscriber list, improve template design, and streamline email creation. 

Piccolo Email Mastery is driven by data, customized to your marketing goals, and designed to engage subscribers. And the best part? We’re here to help you understand it, set it up, and make the most of it. We’ll work together to get you more clicks, more opens, and more subscribers who are eager for every update.

Join Business Leaders Mastering Email Marketing

Why Piccolo?

Piccolo is committed to true partnership when it comes to your email marketing and optimization. Our small but mighty team of email experts is ready to share foundational email strategies and help you implement them without drowning you in to-dos. If you’re ready to upgrade your email campaigns and strengthen your list with proven tools and techniques, we can’t wait to get to work.