Jump-start your SEO.


Get Expert Insights with an SEO Tune-Up!

Search engine rankings impact revenue — for better or worse. See where you stand and find a path forward with data analysis you can trust.

Is your optimization strategy…

1. Missing SEO benchmarks?

2. Reaching the wrong audience?

3. Overspending on campaigns?

It’s time for a SEO tune-up.

Get real.

See top-performing pages and identify site breaks or slowdowns hurting your rankings.

Get a plan.

Go beyond ideas and get next steps you can take across your web pages and marketing channels.

Get results.

Use expertise tailored to your business to reach your SEO and performance marketing goals.

We get it. You need more than a stack of reports.

Your Piccolo SEO tune-up includes actionable steps toward real results.

It’s true. SEO is your secret weapon.

The latest research tells you everything you need to know about the power of SEO.


68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.


86% of people ignore banner ads to click on organic search results.


76% of people who search for a business on their phone visit within 24 hours.


75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results.


70% of digital marketers prefer SEO to PPC to generate sales.

Optimizing key pages improves the user experience and helps you connect with more potential leads.

What’s in Your Piccolo SEO Tune-Up?

1. Launch

Your strategy launch session covers your current SEO performance and your future goals.

2. Website Crawl & Updates

“Crawling” is how search bots read your site and decide to index it. Your site crawl analyzes SEO roadblocks— and gives you fixes — for 10 critical pages on your site.

3. Bug Fixes

It wouldn’t be a tune-up without fixes. We’ll give you all the bug and error fixes you need to improve crawlability and indexing for your top-performing pages.

4. Keyword Research & Recommendations

Our team will give you relevant keywords and recommendations for using them. No keyword stuffing here!

5. Optimized Content

Along with site repairs, you’ll get optimized templates for blogs, images, and more. This content will be set up for site users and search engines, giving you improved engagement and better performance.

Get found. Get clicks. Get leads.

When people find your site, they find your business. With billions of pages and billions of users, connecting with your next loyal client or customer is impossible without understanding and implementing SEO.

Yes, SEO is about keywords and analytics. But there’s a lot more to a successful strategy. You need to seamlessly incorporate technical SEO into your website pages, directory listings, review-gathering, and digital marketing campaigns to see performance you can count on.

Our SEO tune-up is based on best practices, customized to your business, and driven by data. There’s no need for overwhelm. We’re here to demystify SEO and help you start performing better in search results. It’s as simple as that.

Get More from Your SEO . . .

More Solutions

Understand exactly what your website needs for greater visibility to empower your entire marketing strategy.

More Support

Get expert guidance to decrease overwhelm and do SEO work with confidence.

More Growth

Improve your performance in search engine rankings faster with a comprehensive set of recommendations.

Stop getting lost in a sea of search results.
Start being seen with an SEO tune-up designed for you.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Why Piccolo?

Here at Piccolo, we understand the most frustrating SEO roadblocks. We’re committed to empowering you to connect with your customers in an ever-changing, ever-growing online marketplace. 

Along with our SEO tune-up, we offer a full suite of marketing solutions rooted in data to help you generate measurable growth. If hiring an in-house SEO team isn’t feasible, we’re ready to partner with you to get the job done. We’re confident you’ll feel more prepared, inspired, and motivated to take charge of your SEO with our team in your corner.