Changing your approach to marketing.


Explore Our Marketing Launchpad!

Our Marketing Launchpad gives you an understanding of your current marketing strategy and provides insights on how to improve that strategy to fully benefit your business. Our customized plan will help you approach marketing confidently, knowing you are investing where there are real opportunities to grow your business.


Is your business . . .

1. Stalling in revenue gains?

2. In need of some help gaining momentum?

3. Comfortable, but you want to be giving more?

Imagine this:

You could sit back…

while someone else took a deep dive into your marketing strategy.


while gaining an understanding for why your strategy isn’t working.

and Grow…

with a uniquely curated collection of strategy recommendations in marketing your business.

Wondering If Our Launchpad Is Right For Your Business?

We get it – there’s a lot that goes into marketing a whole business.

That’s why our Marketing Launchpad dives deep into 5 categories.


Is your first impression clear and strong?


Do you have a data-driven traffic strategy?

Social Media

Are you connecting with your audience?


Are you growing your list and converting buyers?


Do you have creative ways to stand out in the market?

After a detailed analysis of your current online presence, we will answer all these questions and more.
Stop wondering what is or isn’t working and move forward with a plan.

How It Works

1. Work with Our Team

Get in touch, tell us about your business! Let us take a look at what you’ve been doing, and we’ll handle it from there.

2. Receive Your Plan

After we’ve done our research, we’ll provide you with our formal marketing assessment, including strategy recommendations that are custom curated to your business.

3. Grow Your Business

Implement some or all of our strategy recommendations and watch as your business flourishes. Of course, you don’t have to do this alone. Our team is willing and ready to help you execute this plan.

You deserve a data-driven plan. Don’t settle for guesswork.

Most businesses are trying a lot of different marketing techniques without making data-driven decisions. The new normal is to move forward in ways where you fix what’s broken and optimize your marketing, efficiently. Our Marketing Launchpad helps you do just that. Walk away having a clear picture of who you are, having brand consistency across all platforms, and a voice that stands out on social media that is consistent and provides foundational engagement with your audience(s).

Through our Marketing Launchpad, you can move forward with confidence knowing there is a strategic plan in place to increase brand awareness. The sooner we take this action together, the sooner your business will flourish. Stop wasting money on your “best guess” and invest in a data-driven game plan.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Why Piccolo?

Here at Piccolo, we are genuinely interested in helping your business become more efficient, profitable, and confident. We offer the services and client care of an experienced marketing department, customized to your needs. Although we are specialists individually, with our 8+ years of experience we all understand what it takes to work together, ensuring synergy in all areas of your business.

Our solutions are data-driven and generate measurable growth. If hiring a full-time marketer or marketing department isn’t right for you, Piccolo is the perfect solution! With our custom-curated Marketing Launchpad and recommended strategies, your unique business is sure to succeed.