Get the social media tools the experts use.


Drive Engagement with a Custom Social Media Kit!

Billions of users access social media daily, but you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget (or hundreds of hours) to find and grow your followers. Smarter tools and a more targeted strategy can make all the difference when it comes to social media ROI.

Are you seeing . . .

1. Drops or stagnating engagement?

2. Declines in follower growth and retention?

3. More spend, but fewer wins?

It’s time for a smarter social media strategy.

Best Practices

An expert understanding of your data – and your social platforms – is foundational to success.

Expert Planning

Data and analytics drive customized planning that brings more reliable, stronger results.

Beautiful Content

Eye-catching content stops scrolling and gets clicks, increasing engagement and boosting sales

Trade the cookie cutter for a tool kit.

Piccolo creates a social media kit built for your business so you can meet – and exceed – your goals. We give you essential insights, templates, and ideas you can use on all the major platforms.


Understand your current performance and opportunities for growth.


See optimizations and fixes implemented in real-time, based on your strategy.


Try tester content to see how optimized images, hashtags, and other content perform.


Once you know what works best, you can perfect your content, schedule, and strategy.

Why drown in recommendations and how-tos that don’t know your business? Work with a small team of experts committed to understanding your brand and your goals.

What’s in Your Piccolo Social Media Kit?

1. Strategy Call

On your launch call, we get to know you, your business, and your brand identity. We’ll use what we learn to create an effective social media strategy.

2. Expert Optimization

We optimize your social media materials and set you up for success on each channel.

3. Sample Content

You’ll get sample content, like blogs, stylized images, and hashtags, that you can use to reach followers and generate more traction on social media.

4. Campaigns

You’ll have multiple campaign strategies you can use based on marketing best practices and current trends across platforms.

5. Simple Steps Forward

Monitor your performance, stay engaged with your followers, and watch what optimized content can do for your business.

Stand out on social. Put the experts in your corner.

Social media is way beyond networking: it’s a serious revenue driver and lead funnel. There’s no reason to leave that up to chance. 

Careful planning, measurable goals, and engaging content will help you stand out. And a strong strategy will give you momentum that keeps you poised for growth.

Imagine Social Media Marketing with . . .

A Plan

Get a complete social media marketing plan designed by experts for your business.

A Purpose

Efficiency is the name of the game with your Tool Kit. Stop waste and kickstart growth. 

A Personality

Your social media toolkit + your brand identity = a strong profile on every platform that keeps people engaged. 

Stop wondering why you’re not getting results on social media.
Start using tools the experts use to boost engagement and get results.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Why Piccolo?

Here at Piccolo, we’re eager to help your business grow.  We offer the marketing expertise of a successful agency, without the overwhelm that can come with enterprise-sized solutions. 

Our data-driven marketing products are customized for every client. If hiring a social media expert isn’t possible, Piccolo is the ideal partner. With your personalized Social Media Kit, you’ll get competitive results across all major social media platforms. If you’re ready for your social network to grow, we’re ready to get to work!