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5 Ways to Get Straight to the Point in Content Marketing

Whether you are writing content for a blog or content for a website, you want to gain the reader’s attention.  But how, you ask?  We live in a society that has a short attention span and wants to read straight to the point as quick as possible.  Why else does Twitter limit you to 140 characters?

Sometimes you find an amazing resource for tackling these kinds of struggles and just have to share it! WriterJeff Haden worked with Kevan Lee to put together a list of “50 Awesome Resources to Help You Be a Better Writer (and Content Marketer.)”  We could go through all 50 resources, but that wouldn’t make sense…

Remember: We are trying to get straight to the point:

1. Start by imagining that your reader has to pee really bad.  Try limiting yourself to 250 words so you that have to get to the point.  Read More

2. Gauge the readability of what you are writing by putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. Just picture your post as someone reading or scanning through it. Read More

3. Try to let this one soak in: failure is an option.  It is okay to mess up or write bad content as long as you use what you write to improve and learn.  In fact, another tip is to go back through your old blogs and freshen them up.  Make them great! 

4. “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” – Kafka Read More

5. Try not to write on a schedule, but when your mind is ready.  Just put the pen to paper and write your thoughts.  You will be surprised how much more content comes to mind when nothing is held to a time constraint.

While this post did not stay under 250 words, you will notice it was to the point.  Use these tips but also visit Haden and Lee’s original post to get the remaining 45 tips and resources.


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