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We are serious about data-driven systems. We are also the happiest, most delightful bunch of serious people you’ll ever work with. Relationship-focused and genuinely invested in the success of our clients and our team, we are passionate about efficiency because we know it leads to certainty and freedom.


Why Piccolo?


We exist to support our clients and help them fulfill their goals, and we apply this focus to our own people, too. At Piccolo, you can expect your voice to be heard as you join a team of professionals who are also relatable, approachable humans. We consider ourselves to be both the student and the teacher, always sharing knowledge, perpetually seeking out opportunities to grow, and pivoting when something isn’t quite working how we intended.

We are resourceful, authentic, invigorating, data-driven mentors, and we’d love to have you on our team.

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Our Approach

We start by understanding your business inside and out. Then, we create custom workflows, systems, and processes that are efficient, effective, and replicable. Finally, we educate your entire team so that your systems can be implemented seamlessly.