Am I Attending the Right Networking Events?

Feel like you’re not getting any traction with all of your networking efforts? Don’t let it get you down – it may just be time to reassess your networking strategy. Specifically, are you attending the networking events that are best suited for you and your business needs?

Let’s take a look:

  1. Review your networking event selections.

There are a TON of networking event opportunities out there – but that doesn’t mean a particular event is right for you. Before you head back out, reconsider what you are looking to achieve networking and what your business needs are. Don’t forget to research the attendees and/or business industries an event may be targeting.

For tips on choosing networking events, check out my blog “What types of networking groups or organizations should I join in 2016?”

  1. Assess the clarity of your networking message.

Maybe you’re at the right event, but is your message a good representation of you and your business offerings? Review your elevator speech, don’t forget your business cards, and do some research about the event/attendees ahead of time. Having a plan before you get there, will only help to increase your confidence!

Check out my blog, “Networking 101: Getting Ready For Your First Networking Event” and refine your networking message.

  1. Evaluate your networking follow-up practices.

With the events you attend, be intentional about who you are connecting with. Having a clear message and networking goal will help to make sure you stay on track. Review your follow-up practices and don’t forget the importance of fostering quality connections to turn a contact into a partner.

Want to learn more? Take advantage of “My #1 Networking Tip: Turn Your Contacts Into Partners.”


Now that you’ve reevaluated your networking strategy, what changes can you make to maximize your efforts? Don’t forget, networking is a work in progress and there’s always another event to practice and refine your strategy. Just don’t give up!

For more opportunities to practice your networking skills and for access to networking tips and tools – check out Your Networking Toolbox, a FREE online group!


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