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Anna-Vija McClain

Anna-Vija McClain has pivoted and expanded her personal brand to be more than just the Founder and CEO of Piccolo Solutions. While building this business is the foundation of everything she does, she decided she wants to take what she knows and values most and share it with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, using her personal brand as a vessel. Her social media has been steadily growing since we revamped the strategy to include an array of educational resources as well as opportunities to chat with Anna-Vija herself! 

Creating Educational Content

As an entrepreneur, Anna-Vija has a wealth of knowledge in business leadership and entrepreneurship. Her posts revolve around topics like systems and resources, tips to scale your business, content marketing strategies, building client relationships, hiring and onboarding techniques, and so much more. Varying Anna-Vija’s posts ensures that her followers are getting new advice each time they visit her page, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking for help with their small business. Topics are always relatable, asking followers if they are experiencing certain issues in their business or marketing strategies, with solutions and calls to action at the end of each post. Reels and posts are equally important, and typically capture Anna-Vija in her element–talking to other entrepreneurs, working, or out and about around Nashville. We also include informative graphics to further diversify her feed.


Bringing Events To Social Media

If you know Anna-Vija, you know she is always on the move, making things happen! Recently Anna-Vija has been busy hosting events that are both in-person and online through LinkedIn Audio Rooms. Anna-Vija’s monthly Learn-a-Latte chats are a fun and reliable way to chat with her each month about topics that impact entrepreneurs and business owners. It is important that Anna-Vija’s brand emphasizes the importance and variety of options available on LinkedIn on other social media accounts, and vice versa! Instagram Live, for instance, is another great way to connect with an audience. We’re proud of the growth that Anna-Vija’s brand has experienced, and credit it to her strong leadership skills and intuition.



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