(Our Work) Website Development

Bridges Domestic Violence Center

Bridges Domestic Violence Center is a non-profit committed to serving those experiencing domestic violence, helping them find safety, support and independence. For Bridges DVC, their main goal for their website was to help survivors of domestic violence easily access their resources. The website needed to offer help at every turn, offering uplifting messages through words, web design, and photography. We thoughtfully crafted a website with clear navigation systems that direct users to the specific resources and help they need. 

Safety and Support, By Design

The website for Bridges Domestic Violence Center had to strike a delicate balance, offering aid while still keeping domestic violence victims safe while they reach out for help. The website features a safety exit feature for this reason. On the homepage, there is contact information to reach Bridges DVC, as well as in the navigation bar, with options to call in Spanish if needed. Our team understands that website design is never one size fits all, so we created these customizable widgets to make the website as safe and clear to use as possible. 

Inspiring Community Connections

Highlighting success stories on the Bridges website was a top priority, so survivors can see that they can achieve the life they deserve free from abuse and so the community can be inspired to support this incredible cause. Bridges is a non-profit, so it is imperative that community members that wish to make donations have a simple way to do so through the website. Bridges is the only domestic violence shelter in Williamson County, Tennessee, so support for their mission can be life-saving for those in the area. The various ways to contribute to Bridges DVC, whether through physical donations, volunteering, or sponsorship, are listed clearly on their website, with messages that inspire others to get involved. The team at Bridges DVC are dedicated to helping victims and survivors find a pathway to safety and independence and offer life-changing services and programs free of charge. Their commitment to their work is admirable, and our team at Piccolo Solutions is proud to support their mission.



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