Our primary focus with the C&R Services website was to highlight the vast range of work their team is capable of while designing a clean, user-friendly site optimized for organic reach. C&R’s services range from residential homes to commercial buildings to custom painting projects and much more. Considering the scope of their abilities, they needed a website that showed C&R’s passion for each individual project they take on. They have an incredible portfolio that they wished to highlight on their website, and we were more than happy to help C&R Services achieve their website goals. 

Painting A Comprehensive Picture of C&R Services

Whenever we work on a website, we want to make sure that the client’s story is told through various elements. The “About Us” section of the website informs readers of C&R’s journey in commercial painting, starting in 2001 and growing to over 40 team members that have won various accolades over the years. It was also important for headshots of team members to be available on the website, so clients can get to know the C&R Services team. Each section of the website seamlessly carries over to the next: from “About Us,” you can view C&R Services extensive portfolio, which includes organized examples of restaurant, retail, and hospitality work. The user friendly, thorough design of the C&R Services website invites potential clients to learn more about this accomplished business. 

Creative Touches That Matter

C&R Services has eye-catching bright green and navy in their branding, so we incorporated these hues into the web design. We also included fun graphics into each page, along with a “dripping paint” graphic that carries throughout the website. These touches make the C&R Services website unique without being distracting, and makes their branding more recognizable online and off. Routes of communication are clearly labeled on the website, making it easy for clients to get in touch with the C&R Services team after reading about all of the fantastic services this company has to offer.


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