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Digital vs. Print Marketing: When, Where & How to Market Effectively

To print or not to print? That is the question.


The answer: yes.


The real questions you need to ask are when, where & how can I market effectively using print marketing strategies?


While your digital or social media marketing strategies may be top of mind, don’t overlook the power of print. In fact, print media has evolved and kept up with the times just as much as its digital neighbor. The key is to know when, where, and how to use print marketing tools effectively.


When should I use print marketing?


All the time! As much as we’d like to be living in a digital world, we’re not! The world is physical and we should capitalize on that. It’s likely your everyday print marketing will focus more on business cards and day to day operations and less on hashtags, tweets, and trending topics. In addition, consider print marketing for big updates, product or service launches, or special events. Don’t forget that print marketing is more than just paper – everyone loves a really nice pen!


Where should I use print marketing?


Wherever your customers are! This goes back to the classic marketing rule of knowing and understanding your demographics. Where are your likely consumers going to see your print marketing? Ideas include printed business cards, brochures, or flyers for potential customers and quarterly newsletters or magazines for current clients. Whatever it is you are printing, make sure its content and mode of delivery is meaningful to your audience.


How should I use print marketing?


You may be shocked to hear that print marketing is interactive. Use technology to your advantage with QR codes that link your printed media directly to your website. You can also encourage consumer engagement with a motivational call to action. What is the reason behind your printing in the first place? A big sale that is time limited? A chance to win a prize? A new product or service that is being debuted? Turn your reason for reaching out into their motivation with your printed materials!


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