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Five Ways To Improve Your Small Business Digital Marketing

As a small business owner, you have a smaller staff, fewer resources, and a smaller budget than a large company. The digital revolution has changed so much in the business world, however, that even smaller businesses can easily capitalize on the opportunities that are available. We are sharing five (cost-effective) ways that you can improve your small business digital marketing:

Website Content

  • Create quality content to attract customers to your website. This should include engaging and useful blog articles, as well as eye-catching infographics and insightful videos. You can make great use of free WordPress blog templates as a cost-effective way to begin improving your marketing by producing great content. It will take some time to create this content, but it will also bring a great ROI by:
    • Increasing fan engagement by giving them something to talk with you about
    • Moving you up in search results with your fresh and relevant quality
    • Helping you generate leads by asking people to give contact info on a landing page in exchange for deals and exclusive content


  • SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot. Organic SEO will help your website rank higher, too. Here are a few tips:
      • Assess your website SEO by using a Google Webmaster account. This will give you tailored tips on the SEO elements that your website needs to address.
      • Google only reads and understands words, so when you create fresh content make sure you add descriptions to images you may use.
      • Google also now looks and ranks for longer tail keywords, so each of your webpages needs to have a specific theme or topic. If you stuff your pages with those keywords you will be penalized, so keep that in mind. 
      • Posts of 1500 to 2000 words are awarded more highly, but quality content is important, too. 

Social Media

  • This is a must-have for any small business, and it’s a great way to connect with customers. If you use it right, it will be very effective as a customer service tool, allowing you to respond quickly to issues and queries. 
        • Choose your platforms wisely. It will be better to focus on a few select channels – the more you have, the more you have to manage.
        • Take full advantage of free analytics!
        • Connect with key influencers in your industry. Engage with them as a way to increase your social media presence by relationship building. Offer them products and favors or share their content. 
        • Use a scheduling tool to manage your posting schedule.

Diagnose Your Skills

  • You can take a Digital Diagnostic test that lets you know what your skills are. Test your knowledge in the areas of Social, Analytics, SEO, Email, and more. You will receive a score and some suggestions that will let you know what steps you may want to take to learn more.

Find a Marketing Mentor 

  • Build a business relationship with an expert who can tell you about their own journey and give you tips to help you along on yours. 
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