(Our Work) Graphic Design

Global Grab

Piccolo Solutions Creates Dynamic Graphic Design for Global GRAB

Global GRAB approached us with the goal of creating eye-catching graphic design and copy that reflected their mission statement, “we exist to protect.” We understood the importance of Global GRAB’s work, and created a variety of products such as booklets, pop-up banners, cutsheets, product mockups, email templates and more to help get the word out about this innovative security company. 


Catchy Colors and Sleek Design

We went with a yellow, white, and navy blue color scheme for Global GRAB’s content, which creates a cohesive, streamlined look that mirrors their website design. Highlighting topics of importance, such as explanations of security protocols and services, ensures that clients understand Global GRAB’s mission and how they aim to protect critical locations from being compromised by unauthorized vehicles. These choices are especially useful in our product mockups, where potential clients can learn more about Global GRAB’s products and services, and have the necessary contact information at hand for any further questions. Our work for Global GRAB is an example of how we strive to make our marketing designs match the tone and needs of our clients.


Informative Booklets, Email Templates, and Flyers

At Piccolo Solutions, our team is constantly thinking about communicating a company’s ethos, services, and products in a way that is reflective of the work itself. Global GRAB is made up of motivated individuals who rally together as a team to form advanced security strategies that keep us safe. We wanted the booklets, emails, and flyers we created to reflect the core values of Global GRAB, so went with a mix of written information as well as photography that helps clients visualize what Global GRAB can do. We worked hard to ensure that each element of Global GRAB’s marketing products, whether text or video, communicated the company’s goal of protecting people, places, and data from possible threats. 



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