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Graphic Design: Top 8 Tools for Business

Most businesses need a lot of graphics for marketing. From social media to your website, an attractive design is an extremely essential piece of your online presence. First impressions are important and if you want to build a professional brand that leaves a lasting impression, then graphic design is a must-have.

For graphic design, we use a tool called Design Pickle here at Piccolo Marketing. Here are a few of the reasons why this tool has become a daily part of our operations: 

Easy Communication

With Design Pickle, you can request designs for anything from social media posts to flyers or brochures. With the plan best for small businesses, you will be matched with a designer who will know your brand, and requesting a design is a simple process. You can give as many details and be as specific as you want and when you are ready, you simply send it off to let your graphic designer create it for you! 

Quick Turnarounds

One of the difficult things about outsourcing to a graphic designer as a business owner is being able to find one who is reliable and able to complete projects quickly. By using Design Pickle, you know that most requests will be able to be sent back to you within one or two business days. And if you choose to upgrade, you can even get a same-day turnaround. This is especially helpful with those time-sensitive projects where you need the first draft of the design as quickly as possible.

Unlimited Requests & Revisions

In Design Pickle, you have a queue for your requested designs and you can request as many designs as you need. Your designer will just start working from the top of the queue down. There are also unlimited revisions with design pickle and you can communicate easily for edits or if you forgot to add in any details until you are happy with the end result. When the design is complete, they will send it to you in several different formats to use wherever you need it.


Graphic designs can add up to be quite costly for your business, especially when you are requesting them in bulk. If you need a lot of graphics for your business, Design Pickles’s affordability can’t be beaten. Even at the base plan, you have access to a professional designer, unlimited requests, revisions, and users for $399 a month, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Graphic design is something every business needs to create credibility in their industry or field. Having creative designs can really help you stand out from your competition and improve your communication with your audience through quality visual aids. If you are looking to improve your business’s brand recognition and professional digital footprint, you won’t be disappointed by investing in professional graphic design.

We have years of experience at Piccolo as an outsourced marketing company for multiple industries. Our focus is not only on driving results but on teaching our clients as we go. We use one-on-one mentor sessions over the phone or via video to work with you to reach your goals. If you’re ready to gain access to resources that help you find the time, organization, and ease of use that is vital to your business’s success, check out our Marketing Mentorship program.

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