How Can Using Mentors Grow Your Nashville Business?

How Can Using Mentors Grow Your Nashville Business?

You may be one of those small business owners that is determined to take on all the challenges, obstacles, and complications that come with business ownership all by yourself. While it’s true that independence and a strong sense of self-confidence are important driving forces of entrepreneurship that will help you succeed, the input and support of others can be invaluable. There is a resource for small-business owners that can make all the difference – working with a mentor! 

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Mentor to Your Nashville Business?

According to Forbes Magazine, using a mentor can add tangible benefits to your business by:

  • Helping you to find weaknesses in your business model; your mentor can enable you to look past your original scope to see fresh possibilities for growth and expansion.
  • Giving you a different perspective to help you determine when the time is right for your company to make crucial changes.
  • Sharing their own experiences with you. Such knowledge can be an influential teacher, and learning from the stories of those who have gone before can help you to avoid pitfalls yourself.

What Attributes Should I Look For In My Nashville Business Mentor?

Finding the right mentor for your endeavor may seem daunting, but here are some helpful things to think about as you research and investigate:

  • Your mentor may not have all the answers, but they should be able (and willing) to help you connect with others who do.
  • They should be well-connected in the business community, which will enable them to help you connect with investors, clients, or contractors who provide valuable services.
  • A good mentor won’t try to take over your business; their focus should be on supporting you while you do what you do best. 
  • Good mentors know they should not expect anything financial in return for their help, while in return, you should be sure to avoid wasting your mentor’s time. A strong mentor/mentee relationship will be founded on and maintained by mutual respect and consideration.

Here at Piccolo, we know that having an advantage like a mentor can be a top best practice for staying ahead of the market and being your best. Our team is a unique group of marketing professionals dedicated to helping the Nashville business community reach their goals and dreams. Our Mentorship Program could be a perfect fit for you! We also provide business owners with resources and information designed to bring success and growth. Call us today at 615-348-7768!


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