How to Have an Assistant

How you train and onboard your assistant makes the difference when it comes to their job performance, retention, and satisfaction.

Learn how to set and achieve assistant onboarding goals so nothing falls through the cracks.

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4 Lessons

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If you wing it when hiring an assistant, you risk wasting time, losing money, and acting against your values.

You Might Be Thinking:

“I don’t have time to create multiple new hiring and onboarding processes. Besides, I already know what I want.”

“I’ve hired great people so far, why do I need to work so hard for this particular role?”

“How can I be confident my new assistant will stick with me long enough to get my team and my business results?”

We know how you feel. We’ve been there ourselves. But we’ve also learned the value of taking a systemic approach to growing your team, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish with the same tools.

What Will You Learn?

Module One:

What Does The Ideal Assistant Look Like For You?

Being intentional when recruiting an assistant makes a real difference for your business operations. This module helps you:

  • Define what you do–and don’t–want in an executive assistant
  • Create a hiring persona 
  • Outline an accurate job description targeted to your ideal candidate

Module Two:

Matching Responsibilities With Tasks and Projects

Once you hire a new assistant, you’ll need to identify and assign their tasks efficiently. This module helps you:

  • Find your new assistant’s best-fit tasks
  • Learn to talk through workflows and expectations
  • Create and assign projects using a project management tool

Module Three:

Training and Onboarding

Everyday tasks like answering the phone and calendar management have a huge impact on business growth. This module helps you: 

  • Understand the connection between an effective executive assistant and a successful business
  • Structure assistant onboarding and training to get results 
  • Define processes for their essential daily tasks
  • Teach your assistant to execute those tasks effectively 

Module Four:

Checking in with Your New Assistant

Once your new assistant gets comfortable in their role, it’s important to check in regularly to build trust and keep things running smoothly. This module helps you: 

  • Learn how and when to check in on tasks and projects
  • Support your new assistant in their personal and professional growth 
  • Collaborate with your assistant as they develop important leadership skills

By the end of this course, you’ll have what it takes.

How to Have an Assistant equips you, your future assistant, and your team for success.

No more wondering if you’ve missed an important part of the hiring process, or second-guessing that offer letter. Hire and train outstanding people with confidence by tailoring proven systems to your needs.


A Job Description for Your Dream Assistant

No more boring bullet points or useless corporate jargon. A great job description makes you far more likely to find someone highly qualified to support you and your team.


Training that Empowers Your Assistant to Succeed

Nail down the “need-to-knows” about company culture, values, systems, and workflows. Your revamped training system helps you avoid costly communication mistakes.


An Onboarding Plan and Task Tracker

When people clearly understand key workflows, they perform better and solve problems sooner. Detailed onboarding and task-tracking systems make the path forward clear for your new assistant.


Strategies for Long-Term Growth

When your assistant has autonomy in their  training and onboarding, you’ll see the benefits firsthand. Clearer communication, fewer hang-ups, and better results across the board.

With a capable assistant in your corner, you can finally focus on doing business, not drowning in it. 

Our Try It, Test It, Apply It Guarantee

This course is backed by our 30-day “Try It, Test It, Apply It” money-back guarantee.

That means you get 30 days to put what you learn to work and experience firsthand the relief that better processes, automations, and systems can bring when properly implemented.

I’m so confident you’ll see results because our courses are built on principles, tools, and techniques I’ve used to grow my own business for 12 years and counting.

You have nothing to lose — only and results to gain. Ready to get started?

A Note from Anna-Vija

We all want a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, with everyone doing their best-fit work and thriving in their role. But we can sometimes let our fears and anxieties get in the way of bringing someone new on to a team we’re (rightly) protective of. 

My team created How to Have an Assistant so you can hire and onboard your dream assistant with confidence. We’ve seen the power of prepping business systems for this critical role. We’re excited to share game-changing processes, templates, and tips with you. . . we can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

Here’s to your success,

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