How To Hold A Successful Video Meeting

Our daily interactions, both personal and professional, are becoming ever more likely to be conducted through virtual means. Sometimes it is necessary to do life this way, but it is also important to make sure that we don’t sacrifice quality. 

As a business owner, you are probably embracing virtual events as a method to achieve your goals in a cost-effective way, and these events may include webinars, training, and conferences. The convenience of using these events enhances your business productivity, especially when getting together face-to-face isn’t possible. With this in mind, we have some important tips we’d like to share how to hold a successful video meeting that’s conducted professionally and efficiently:


With technology always improving, it’s taking a larger place in our businesses every day, and the best part of this is that business can be conducted from pretty much anywhere, enabling small businesses to keep right on going no matter what is happening in the world. 


Decide who will be attending and what information you will be sharing. It’s best to design your data and presentation specifically for your presentation environment, as well as choosing that environment to best represent the information you’ll be sharing. Once this is determined, you can then decide what technologies and software you will need for your video meeting. 


A video meeting will usually include more preparation than a physical meeting. Send your invites out with plenty of time to spare, and send your agenda to your attendees ahead of time, as well, along with all login and access information they will need. Be sure to give everyone at least 24 hours advance notice so that they can test software and access. Once you get started, take a roll call and make sure everyone is able to see and hear you and that connectivity is not an issue.  


If you have a large audience tuning in, you may want to have a facilitator to assist you. This person can help with technical issues and monitor chat questions, perhaps reading them to control the flow of the meeting and keep it from getting bogged down with side issues and discussions. 


Online meeting technology is very user-friendly today; anyone can easily make use of it. All you need is internet access, an audio method – which can include computer speakers, microphones, or a telephone – and a webcam, either standalone or integrated with your computer monitor or laptop. A larger group may also require a projected screen or large TV monitor.  

The team here at Piccolo is here to help you with all your business needs and challenges. With the advancement and development of technology, learning how to hold a successful video meeting gives us more options every single day, which is exciting, but also overwhelming. Contact us today if you are looking for help in navigating our ever-changing digital marketing world.

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