Hootsuite Integrates with Instagram. Should You Jump on Board?

A marketing strategists’ dream come true… you can now post directly to your twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, AND INSTAGRAM (and much, much more) from one place… your Hootsuite dashboard. If you haven’t heard of or taken the plunge into Hootsuite, now is the time! Hootsuite is a social media platform that manages all of your accounts from one central hub. You can even schedule future posts to streamline your content planning process. Not to mention the time you’ve already saved avoiding having to get on every single site individually! Is Instagram right for your business and marketing strategy? Consider these questions from David Nguyen, Digital Strategist:

  1. Is Your Target Audience Using Instagram?

The first consideration for all marketing strategy decisions… demographics. Does this move make sense for your audience? Would they be using Instagram and how can a connection with your business be a valuable marketing and relationship-building tool?

  1. Are You On Too Many Social Media Platforms?

Likely, your second consideration. However, with a tool such as Hootsuite, the issue of time and follow through is virtually eliminated. Don’t forget to tailor your posts to the purpose and “language” of the social media platform though. For instance, words only don’t work on Instagram. Eliminate the overkill of #hashtags and @johndoe from non-Twitter posts.

  1. Are Your Competitors On There?

If the answer is yes, you might need to be there, too! Do they have a lot of followers and interaction with their customers? Take note of what seems to be working and not working for them and make the necessary adjustments on your page.

  1. What Kind of Pictures Would You Post?

Hint: look back to your marketing strategy 😉 Consider what your audience would like to see. This is an opportunity to give your clients a behind the scenes, exclusive look at your business. Make them feel like they are a part of the goings-on!

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