Are You Keeping Your Social Media Platforms Up to Date?

It’s not enough to just create a plethora of social media accounts. It’s important to be more than a mere presence online. Staying up to date, while posting consistently and on topic is crucial for your social media profile management. Nothing is worse than finding a contact online only to see they haven’t been active for over a year! Or worse, they try to link to your website and the link is broken.


Avoid these common social media profile management issues with these tips:

  1. Create a checklist. It’s inevitable that change will find you. Whether it’s a new website, total branding overhaul, or a new hire, it will happen. So, don’t let it surprise you and fall through the cracks. Take a minute and create a list of all the places that would need to be updated in the event of a change. This would likely include all of your social media accounts, your website, and other web-based profiles, such as Google, Bing, or Yelp profiles.  Don’t forget any professional or local organizations, if appropriate. Now, with your handy checklist, once a change occurs you can simply take it one at a time to make sure anywhere and everywhere that should be updated is.
  2. Schedule a check in reminder. Create a recurring appointment or reminder for yourself every month or two to take a moment and check in. While major info is not likely to change that often, you can use this for other important, but often overlooked tasks. For instance, you could use this as a reminder to change your profile picture or to personally reach out and connect to potential or past customers or referral partners.
  3. Drop in on yourself. Using your same checklist above, check yourself! Every so often, drop in on your accounts from your personal social media profile. What does it look like from the front side? Sometimes what you see on the other side isn’t what you had envisioned, so it doesn’t hurt to check! You could even ask a friend to scan your pages for ease of use – is your phone number, email address, or other important information easy to find and user friendly? Remember, you may know exactly where it is, but what will be the experience of your consumer?
  4. Post often. More than anything, post often. This will help keep you up to date simply by being present. It will also help you to stay top of mind with your audience.

Need more guidance? Let us help you build and manage your checklist. Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768.


Happy posting!

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