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Network in Action

Network In Action is a group that our Founder and CEO, Anna-Vija McClain, has been a part of for quite some time. We understand what makes their organization so beneficial to business owners and entrepreneurs in the Nashville area, so working with them was a natural fit. Since we started working with Network In Action, we have increased their consistency of social media posting, bringing their content to life through captivating graphics, resource shares, and captions that speak to their values. 

Amplifying Network In Action’s Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way to get the word out about events, resources, and general information in real time. Websites are a fantastic one-stop-shop for information, but we love social media because we can get people in the know about your business or organization while they are doing their daily scroll. Getting Network In Action on a consistent social media schedule allowed them to post ahead of time about events, so that they could increase turnout. Network In Action helps connect business leaders to one another, and now their social media is an even more effective tool with which to facilitate these relationships.  



Informative Graphic Design

At Piccolo Solutions, we always strive to make graphics that are visually captivating, informative, and recognizably tied to the brand we are working with. For Network In Action, we created graphics that emphasized the importance of their monthly meetings and also advertised opportunities to get involved. We also regularly spotlight various non-profit organizations through Network In Action’s social media feed. The folks at NIA have a wealth of knowledge, so we include graphics with business tips, like “the importance of customer reviews,” to help guide the business owners that are following their feed and perhaps considering applying. Network In Action has always been invested in Nashville, but by creating consistent social media posts that let audiences know about their work, we helped more people understand just how much this organization has to offer.


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