Networking 101: Getting Ready For Your First Networking Event

Can you believe we’re almost a full month into 2016?! If you haven’t attended any networking events this year (or maybe ever), it’s time to get some dates on the books and get prepared!

In just a few simple steps, you can have the tools and knowledge to confidently attend your next event. Let’s get started!

  1. Develop a concise, thorough elevator speech.

The goal here… give your “audience” some important information, but leave them wanting to learn more! This can get you to the next level, where you go into more detail about your products or services. Remember, not every person is a good match for you or your business, and that’s okay! The elevator speech (both those you give and those you hear) can me a good tool to weeding through the crowd.

Michael Hyatt lays out a simple formula for putting together a solid elevator speech, including some great examples.

  1. Update/print your business cards.

While the initial personal impression and rapport you develop with a fellow networker is a key to helping them remember you, they need a way to contact you! A physical reminder that they have some business to attend to and you are a key resource they should develop. Don’t make it rain though – give out your cards thoughtfully and intentionally.

On the flip side, what should you do with all the cards you gathered at your last event? 1. Put those cards to use. 2. Have coffee!

  1. Review the details of the event/attendees.

Before you head out to your next networking event, do a little research. What is the goal of the event? Who is hosting it? What other types of businesses are likely to be represented (competition, complementary providers, potential clients)? Knowing who you are likely to encounter can help guide your mission – are you selling, building a referral network, or looking for a new job?

As with most things in life, knowing your end goal is the most efficient and successful way to get there.

  1. Calm down!

I get it, it’s scary! But, be assured, you’re not the only one. In fact, in a New York Times survey of greatest fears death came in third. Followed by walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. The way to overcome those fears – face them; but be prepared before you do! Set yourself up for success with the tips mentioned above.

And hey, if you’d rank your fear of death before networking, you’re already ahead of the game 😉


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