Networking That Works

Are you looking to expand your network? Networking That Works is a video lesson designed to empower you to build scalable systems for networking success. 

Learn new, effective networking skills in only 35 minutes!

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It’s not just who you know, it’s how you get to know them.

You Might Be Thinking:

“I just can’t seem to keep building my network beyond initial meet-ups. I don’t know where I’m going wrong.”

“Sure. Networking is a great idea, but I just don’t have the energy to keep up with it once I get started.”

“With so much competition, I’m never sure if I’m networking with people who actually have my back.”

I get it. I didn’t feel inspired to network when I had to start (and scale) my business in a hurry. But more strategic networking gave my lead strategy and my confidence a boost. I’m excited to show you how I leverage networking to get results without the overwhelm.

What Will You Learn?

Who You Should Know

  • Learn who to look for when building and growing your network. 
  • Pinpoint when and how to connect with the right people. 
  • Let go of networking regrets and make a plan that produces real results.

What You Should Do

  • Quit sitting on your list of connections: start using them to generate high-quality leads.
  • Use tools and technology to scale your efforts. 
  • Create an engaging follow-up strategy that works.

Where Do You Find Them

  • Stop going to the wrong networking events. 
  • Get a game plan for finding and cultivating more strategic connections.
  • Find events offering what your business needs most.

How to Find the Time

  • Make time for networking without losing control of your calendar.
  • Get tips on how to maximize ROI for time spent networking. 
  • Only schedule networking that will get results for your business.

By the end of this course, you’ll have what it takes.

In just 35-minutes, this video lesson enhances your networking skill set with scalable networking systems and the steps to implement them.


Identify Partnerships

Learning who to network with is essential to using your time effectively. Pinpoint whose skills complement your business and entrepreneurs you want to support.


Use What You Have

Starting with your existing network can yield great results. With the right systems in place, already-strong relationships take on new potential.


Level Up

When you know where to go, networking events become growth opportunities. Prep for networking events strategically; attend them purposefully.


Waste No Time

When good time management meets smart scheduling, your time networking is well spent. Bring these crucial systems together to get the results you want.

More empowering networking tools are here. It’s time to master them.

Our Try It, Test It, Apply It Guarantee

This course is backed by our 30-day “Try It, Test It, Apply It” money-back guarantee.

That means you get 30 days to put what you learn to work and experience firsthand the relief that better processes, automations, and systems can bring when properly implemented.

I’m so confident you’ll see results because our courses are built on principles, tools, and techniques I’ve used to grow my own business for 12 years and counting.

You have nothing to lose — only and results to gain. Ready to get started?

A Note from Anna-Vija

I’m CEO and Founder of Piccolo Solutions, and I love helping businesses scale effectively.  I frequently teach entrepreneurs and leaders about marketing and building their network using real stories from my own life and work. 

I started my company while unemployed and battling depression, and effective networking is part of what’s made us a multi-million dollar agency. We’re a teaching company because we love sharing what we’ve learned to help business owners and teams find success. 

We’re excited to see how this simple but powerful networking course boosts your business!

Here’s to your success,

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