Networking Tips for Extroverts: How to Build Quality Connections

As an extrovert, you likely find it easy(er) to attend and engage with fellow professionals at networking events. But, do you ever feel like your initial networking success doesn’t translate into partners or clients.

Take your networking prowess to the next step with these tips on building quality connections:

1. Listen. 

Remember, networking is a two-way street. While it’s important to lay out your “elevator speech,” it’s equally important to hear from the other person. In determining the quality of a contact, you have to know how your businesses complement each other, what services you or they could provide to your partnership, and what their networking goals are. Don’t forget – people like to feel heard and understood!

2. Recognize. 

While you are listening and observing, recognize the person on the other end of your conversation. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog with networking tips for introverts. I encourage you to check it out and thoughtfully consider it and how your tactics may change based on the person in front of you.

3. Quality vs Quantity.

While more people is intuitively better, it may not be. Before you attend your next networking event, reconsider what you are looking for and seek those people out. Also, briefly summarize for yourself what your business offers and look for those people looking for you.

4. Follow-up.

Follow-up. And then follow-up. The networking event is your first impression of someone (and theirs of you); so don’t let it end there. An invitation to coffee or a quick note can leave a big impression on someone and is your doorway to developing a lasting relationship, whether it’s as a potential client or a referral partner.


For more networking tips, check out Your Networking Toolbox.


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