Networking Tips for Introverts… Yes! You CAN do it.

Did you know you can be both an introvert AND a successful networker? If you are the former, you’re probably laughing at the thought of yourself flitting effortlessly through a crowd, charming your every contact with ease. Good news… you don’t have to!

Check out these tips for successful networking, all within the comfort of your more introverted personality:

  1. Find success in your comfort zone… to start.

Networking opportunities comes in all shapes and forms. Don’t start out at a large networking event – seek out smaller, more personal events such as an industry specific gathering, online groups or forums, and even one-on-one coffee meetings. But, DON’T STOP HERE. Once you build up your confidence and have a feel for how the interactions and expectations play out, take your networking to the next level.

Check out Your Networking Toolbox – a FREE online group where you can begin your networking journey from the comfort of your home or office.

  1. Ask questions.

While you might not usually be the first to start or lead a conversation, this is actually a powerful tool that puts you in control. Asking questions can help direct the conversation to topics of your interest. It also ensures the other person will be doing most of the talking, taking the attention away from you. Try it out and don’t forget to give a little back 😉 

  1. Find a way to help others first.

As in life, “you get what you give.” This is another great way to pull the attention away from you. It also shows the receiver just how organized, hardworking, and trustworthy you are in following through with your commitments – and you don’t have to tell them! Working together will also give you a low-pressure opportunity to open up and develop comfort with your new contact.


Not convinced? Give one of these tips a try and see for yourself the difference it can make in your confidence and overall success in networking a try.


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