Networking Tips: How to Focus Your Strategy and See Results

Tired of attending networking event after networking event and not seeing any results. Maybe it’s time to reconsider your strategy…

  1. Research the attendees.

Is the event targeting a particular industry or company? Or, better yet, can you see the list of attendees prior to the event? Whatever information you can get your hands on – use it! It’s always better to go in prepared so you have an idea of where you and your services fit.

  1. Consider potential partnership opportunities.

Now that you’ve determined the industry and/or individuals attending the event, how can the two of you work together? Ideally, you are looking for providers that offer services complementary to yours. That way, building a partnership would be a great way to fill in the services gap for your (and their) customers. Make it a win-win! 

  1. Prepare your “pitch.”

So you’ve determined who will be there and how you can work together – sell it! DISCLAIMER: don’t make any deals on the spot. Remember, this is your initial meeting; consider this an opportunity to develop a list of potential partners and a way to leave a great impression in return.

  1. Follow-up!

Since you didn’t give away your first-born child in making any deals at the event, it’s time to follow up with anyone (and everyone) you met. Now is the time to feel out the individual – how well will you work together, what are the logistics, etc. And remember, not every contact has to turn into an immediate partner! Your solid strategy and follow-through may lead to something in the future when the timing is right.


Now that you have a new networking focus, it’s time to test the waters! Check out the upcoming Nashville Locals events in your area to get started.


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