Putting Pinterest to Work For Your Small Business

 Are you a pinner but you haven’t made the leap to start using Pinterest for your business? With increasing platforms and access to social media, you are constantly competing for the attention of your audience. As a result, it’s important to stay focused and build and maintain your connections. Get started with these simple tips:

  1. Focus. Focus. 

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you’ve heard this before! It works here, too. On Pinterest, organization is key. Create boards that make sense for your business and are meaningful to your clients. The goal is to have people follow you because they know you are a reliable resource. Remember to keep in mind your target demographic and pin to serve their interests and needs.

  1. Make Pinterest friends!

There are so many ways to connect and interact on Pinterest. You can comment on and like pins, or repin items by adding them to your board or sharing them with a fellow pinner. Manners are appreciated on Pinterest – send a quick thank you to people that repinned any of you original content. Don’t forget to follow others and invite people to follow you!

  1. It’s all about the visual.

You can use Pinterest to sell products, promote your blog, or simply provide tools and resources as an “expert” in your particular field. Visuals are key to successful Pinterst usage, so make sure the pictures or videos you feature on your pins are eye-catching. You want the pin to entice the reader to click on it and learn more. Videos and infographics are very effective and are great ways to create original content.   Are you ready to get started with Pinterest but you’d like to get some advice and direction before you pull the trigger? I’d love to look over your current social media efforts with you and help you get started on the right foot! Give me a call! 615.348.7768  Want to get more updates for your business? Image Credit: http://www.elixel.co.uk/assets/images/news/Pinterest.png annavija@avmsonline.com


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