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Six Key Items To Include On Your Website

The critical element of your online presence is your website. It’s imperative to ensure the user journey is seamless and well-executed. Your audience will move away from your site if your images aren’t loading correctly, if your layout is clunky and outdated, or if you don’t provide an easy way to contact you.

What key items should your website include?

Your Company’s Story

Consumers and other businesses like to know who they are working with, so a connection to your company’s story or the people on your team will make it much more likely for them to pursue a long-term business relationship. A classy website won’t replace the personal connection clients need to feel to earn trust and confidence. Be sure your website tells the company’s story: who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you came to be doing it, where they can find you – and let the engagement grow!

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design is vital in providing your customers with a stellar user experience. You’ll especially want to consider all the various devices people use to access the web today. Mobile optimization and creating an attractive and responsive website will improve your site rankings, decrease your bounce rates, and attract a broad audience.

Answered Sales Objections

Answering objections is an essential key to making sales. Everyone has objections when purchasing something, whether it’s the price, lack of trust, questions about quality, and more. Think through all the things you wonder about when you go to make a purchase and use those as a basis for addressing possible objections to what you have on offer. 

Social Media Icons And Contact Information

Your clients should see your social media icons on each page in either the header or the footer. They will lose interest quickly if they have to work too hard to find you, so including your phone number, email addresses, and a contact form encourages engagement and action. 

What Makes Your Company Different

Your website should clearly communicate what makes your company different. From design and brand elements to your voice and commitment, your unique place in the business world needs to shine. 

User Flow

Your customers are visiting your website for a reason, and they want to be able to do what they plan to do quickly and easily. It’s wise to study user flow on your website to compile important insight into your customers’ most important questions. That will help you to be able to make what they want more accessible.

The Piccolo Marketing team is here to help you build a website that meets all your business needs and includes all the vital elements to your success. 

Piccolo is a marketing company made up of real people! Collectively, our team of experts has many years of experience in helping business owners – from small local enterprises to multimillion-dollar organizations – see results through the development of marketing strategy, management of budgets, and efficient execution of projects. Contact us today!

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