Small Business Tips: Use Social Media to Boost Sales

At Piccolo, we understand that our friends in small business have dreams and goals just as big as large corporations. However, we’re left to dreaming big and achieving our goals with smaller budgets and less manpower. Fortunately, social media, when leveraged properly, can be a low-cost tool that delivers results in less time than a dedicated department.

Consider the extent to which social media, digital programming, and basic technology impacts your everyday personal life. You can use those same principles in your marketing strategy and turn your social media into a productive member of your team.

Try these simple tips:

  • Be yourself.

As a small business owner, you likely started your company with a goal or passion at the center of your business model. Let your light shine! Strive to show customers your passion for your business, service, or industry. You can show your spirit by giving back and setting yourself up as a trusted source for the latest tips or industry news.

In terms of actual posting tips, don’t get lost behind the business name. Be funny. Be serious. Be sad. Be YOU. When it comes down to it, people are drawn to people, not names or products.

  • Be customer-oriented.

While the delivery of the product or service matters, experience is just as important to the customer. Would you rather work with the friendly small business owner down the street who you pass and greet walking your dog each morning or the faceless name on the other side of the phone you reached after guessing your way through telephone prompts? I’m guessing the former.

The customer experience is more than just the face to face time you spend with a customer. It’s the feeling they get when they enter your store or their reaction to a post you shared on Facebook. Ensure your social media lines up with the experience the customer will receive once you get the opportunity to make a sale.

  • Be mobile friendly.

I repeat. Be. Mobile. Friendly.

It’s no longer acceptable that your digital presence is NOT mobile friendly. How likely are you to search for something on your phone versus a tablet or desktop computer? It’s important your online presence is transferrable, presentable, and easy to navigate across a variety of platforms.


Need help to organize, implement, and/or maintain your social media strategy? Give us a call at Piccolo at 615-348-7768 to get started today!

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