Is Your Small Business Social Media Strategy Up to Par?

You can learn a lot about your social media strategy by looking at your golf game. Both require patience, concentration, and strategy. Both take time to develop and your efforts don’t always land where you aim. And, luckily, both can be a fun day full of winning!


Consider how these top golfing tips can help keep your social media strategy up to par:


  • Take dead aim. Say what you mean! Use jokes, sarcasm, and riddles intentionally. In writing your content, make sure you understand your audience and how to best communicate with them. In a world of social media information overload, don’t add too many layers and guess work to your message.
  • Create a solid stance. And mean what you say! A good marketing strategy delivers a consistent message in line with your company or personal brand mission, vision, and values. Use your social media marketing to develop your image as an expert in your field.
  • Make friends with your grip platform. With the many social media platforms available, be sure to understand the ones you are using. If your business utilizes imagery, try your hand at Instagram. If referral partner or professional development is right for you, check out LinkedIn. Take some time to explore the options and features unique to each platform and use them to your advantage!
  • Make range sessions characters count. Back to tips #1 & 2 – make your posts count! Get your message out succinctly (often in 140 characters or less) and use trending hashtags to stay in the conversation. Researching hashtags makes sure you are using them properly, too. Nothing more embarrassing than misunderstanding or using an inappropriate hashtag!
  • Use plenty of loft platforms. Plenty = the “just right” amount. It’s not about quantity, but quality of platform based on your marketing strategy, business needs, and customer base. The decision to use a platform should be based on ROI – will you find customers or partners here? Will this platform help you increase customer contact and, ultimately, sales?!

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