Social Media Tips: How to Keep Your Business Identity in Focus

In the midst of all your clients, meetings, and never-ending to-do’s, don’t lose sight of your business identity. I’m sure you’ve been there…. you’re deep in the trenches, agonizing over the details, you get so caught up in the task at hand that you don’t even realize the direction your project has headed in. When you finally come up for air and take a look at your masterpiece you realize… you’ve completely missed the mark.

It can be so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

In spite of whatever else you may have going on, one way to maintain your business identity is through your social media outreach. A solid social media marketing strategy can not only be a steady and consistent source of information for your clients, but a reminder for you to see the forest, in spite of the trees.

Check yourself and maintain your focus with these social media tips:

Make a content calendar.

A content calendar is a place to collect your social media materials. Maybe you read a good article or saw a funny meme that you would like to pass on to your clients or colleagues. Compiling your materials into one central location can be helpful in many ways. One, you’ll be able to see all your resources at one time and you can organize them in a way that makes sense – spreading out like items or piggybacking off of a quote or infographic with a related article. A content calendar can also save you time! By sticking things in here as you are going about your week, you can easily pull information when you are ready to schedule your next batch of posts. (If you’re not already doing so, I recommend using a scheduling or automation program like Hootsuite to increase your efficiency.)

Use keywords.

Your content calendar and marketing materials should be influenced by your list of keywords. This is simply a list of words that are related to your business and whose use in social media, blogs, or website content will help to boost your ranking in an online search. In choosing content, be mindful of these keywords and use them thoughtfully. (Marketing strategy, marketing strategy, marketing strategy.)

Follow a schedule.

The hard part is gathering the content and you’ve already done that! From there, lay out your plan of attack in terms of both timing of posts and choice of platform and stick to it! By using programs like Hootsuite, you can turn this into a weekly task that becomes an important and consistent part of your routine.

Are you having difficulty developing, implementing, or just sticking to your social media plan? Give us a call at Piccolo at 615-348-7768 – we’d love to help you find and maintain your business identity!


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