Stock Photos or Real Photos? That is the Question.

For years, using stock photos has been the easier way for companies to visually tell their story, but with technology and photography capabilities available to the average person today, stock photos should be replaced with authentic ones.

So, what does that mean?

While there are still times where stock photos can be useful, Content Marketing Institute (CMI) speaks about using authentic images as an alternative to the old stock photo approach.

Think about it. The common images used by companies are usually workers engaging with their customers or performing work activities, so it should be easy to capture some of these moments out of the typical workday. Companies can utilize their employees and products to display the message they’re trying to depict while also allowing customers to see the real company behind the product or service.

Buddy Scalera from CMI states, “Your product, your branding, and your people are anything but standard, plastic widgets. Don’t show photos that depersonalize the careful and purposeful branding that is part of your holistic visual content strategy.”

Although using authentic photos is preferred, it’s realistic to know that companies may not always have the resources or time to get authentic photos for a project or article. Network for Good gives some tips on how to select the proper stock photo if it is needed.

Try to find one that…

  • Displays people in a natural setting
  • Has high contrast in color
  • Shows people taking action
  • Fits with what your statement or mission is
  • Is up to date

Your content marketing strategy is all about showing the customer the value of your product. No matter what way you’re displaying it, make sure it connects to the customer in a positive way and displays the message you’re looking to portray.

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