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The Branch of Nashville

Sprucing Up The Branch’s Social Media

One of the most exciting parts of our work at Piccolo Solutions is getting to know people who make positive change in Nashville, and The Branch is certainly one of those organizations! The Branch needed help with creating consistent social media posts that helped get the word about their many services, such as English language classes, emergency food support, and comprehensive care. Non-profit organizations such as The Branch can benefit from refreshing their brand to attract new audiences, but while updating their brand we were careful to keep their logo recognizable so as not to alienate those who are aware of The Branch’s current marketing. We struck a thoughtful balance between the familiar and the fresh with The Branch’s social media upgrade.

Social Media That Connects To Community

The Branch offers a wealth of resources to the Nashville community, and the more people who know, the more peoplewhose lives are changed for the better. Each post on The Branch’s Facebook and Instagram is crucial—you never know the difference it could make in someone’s life! To start, we created social media graphics that were colorful, engaging, and informative, with easily accessible information such as hours of operation, food pickup times, holiday hours, and opportunities to get involved. Choosing a theme is also important for a sense of congruency, so we went with engaging purples, pinks, and greens, so that people can instantly recognize a post from the Branch when they see it. 

Sharing Memories On Social Media

The Branch always has an event, class, or volunteer opportunity happening, so in addition to posting details about the events, we also started documenting the events themselves on social media. Seeing people learn, connect and grow through this organization gets people excited about joining in, and marking their calendars for the next opportunity to connect. At Piccolo Solutions, we believe in showcasing the authentic care that our clients put into their work. We love working with The Branch, and love that their social media shows how much they care about the Nashville community.


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