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Great Apps & Programs for Small Business Owners

Earlier this year, I wrote about a few of my favorite apps and programs to use. Here I am, at it again. I am adding to my list. Splash ID What is it? – This handy app is the secure keeper of all passwords and records. It can manage any information that you decide to sync with your account. I highly recommend this for anyone that has more than 3 web logins they need to remember. With over 1 million users and a decade of offering service, Splash ID is your go-to for keeping up with web logins, account numbers, credit card numbers and more. It securely houses your information and even offers the ability to attach photos or documents. The best part about this app is that you only need to keep up with one password now. ScanBizCards What is it? –  Want an easy way to get information from a business card into your phone? This is it! ScanBizCards allows you to scan cards directly to your address book. I would suggest using ScanBizCards if you continuously meet new people and get business cards along the way. By utilizing optical character recognition that supports 23 different languages, you can add a single business card directly to your address book within seconds. You can create groups specifically for your cards to make it easy to remember where you met each person. Not only that, this app allows you to export information into a spreadsheet or to your CRM. Go ahead! Check these tools out. You may be surprised with how much time each of these will save. Image credit:

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