Which Social Media Features Do You Need to Use as a Small Business?

With so many social media platforms and their ever-changing policies, options, and features, are you really keeping up with ALL of them? Chances are, you’re not, and the reason is simple: it’s not your job! I made a cheat sheet of the latest features you should be taking advantage of. Maybe with the time you saved you can grab another cup of coffee? Facebook Interest Targeting: This is just what it sounds like – with Facebook’s new marketing tool you can define the audience you would like to target for your post or event. For instance, you can reach people based on their listed interests, activities, hobbies, liked Pages, and groups. You can find and use Interest Targeting by enabling “Targeting & Privacy for Posts” under your page “settings.” Post End Date: You can now specify and end date and time for a post to stop it from showing up in News Feed (it can still be found on your page, however). This is handy for time-limited deals, contests, or events! Get started with the Post End Date feature by enabling “Targeting & Privacy for Posts” under your page “settings.” Twitter Re-tweet with Comment: If you haven’t used or noticed this new feature already, you now have the option to add an additional 116 characters to an existing tweet. To use this feature, simply Retweet and then select the “Quote Tweet” option. Share some of your favorite tweets and tell your followers why it matters to you! LinkedIn Keywords: Use keywords based on your marketing strategy to boost your SEO and placement in LinkedIn and google search engines. The best place to incorporate keywords is in headlines, summaries, interests, job titles, job descriptions, and skills. Additionally, publishing an original post allows you to add three tags to boost awareness and visibility.   Ready to get started? Give me a call at 615-348-7768 or shoot me an email at annavija@avmsonline.com, I’d love to review your social media strategy and help you optimize your marketing strategy! image credit: http://growingsocialmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Social-Media-Touch-HD-ForWallpapers.com_.jpg


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