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A Response to an Open Letter to Millennials

Have you ever googled “letter to millennials”? Go ahead, I’ll wait..

That’s right, 2,960,000 results.

After recent conversations with colleagues about the generational divide in today’s business world, “The Absolute Last Open Letter to Millennials” piqued my interest. As a professional on the cusp of the category divider (1-year from cut-off), I personally share many traits of BOTH Gen X and Millenials.

David A. Frankel, the managing partner of the executive advisory firm SLINGSTONE Group, posted this letter and with the good ‘ol bait-and-switch took us through the top 10 things we should know about Generation X.  

Frankel states his purpose is to help Millenials understand Generation X because he believes that this generation “…is going to be the one that ends up changing the world.”

Did I catch your attention yet? He believes the Millenial generation “…is going to be the one that ends up changing the world.”  

Frankel goes on to state that the Millenial’s success will be the result of being “…the most globally connected generation the world has ever produced.  You are bright, enthusiastic, and hopeful.  You firmly believe that people can come together and solve big problems. You will not accept the status quo.”

If that doesn’t encourage you – regardless of which generation you identify with, I don’t know what will. Let’s work together to channel that collaborative, community-oriented enthusiasm and hope into solving big problems.  We can all learn from each other by listening, working together and contributing our own personal skills and ideas towards an ultimate goal.

I’ll let you go ahead and read it.  Then, let’s change the world!

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