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Business Development: Setting Your New Year Business Resolutions

It is common practice this time of year for people to begin considering and working through their personal New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully, by now you’ve also developed your business goals. Taking it a step further, have you considered how a business resolution could impact your business development?


A New Year’s Resolution is an “act of self-improvement,” such as exercising, eating healthy, etc. With similar goals of wellness, balance, and health, let’s consider how these small acts of self-improvement could positively impact your business.


Here are some of my favorites…

  1. Join a business organization or networking group.

If you’ve ever read my blog, this resolution should come as no surprise! It’s not enough to just attend networking events. Be discerning in choosing the events or organizations that will best help you to accomplish your business goals.


Check out my tips for choosing the right networking event here.

  1. Give something back to your community.

A feel good, win-win resolution if there ever was one! I’m sure we can all agree from our past experiences of giving, you often walk away feeling as if you’ve received more than you’ve given. Consider a resolution that involves giving back to your community – volunteer at a local food pantry, donate blood, or give money to a local school fundraiser. Make it meaningful to you!

  1. Promote your business regularly and consistently.

The key to marketing is striking a balance between consistency and creativity. People need to know and recognize you as a leader or expert in the field and part of achieving that reputation is consistency in posting. Be sure to balance your consistency with creativity! Whether through eye-catching images and videos, catchy posts, or poignant questions, think of ways to engage and inspire your audience.


Click here to view my 2016 Social Media Cheat Sheet for more information on how to most effectively employ your marketing efforts.

  1. Make business planning a weekly event.

Planning. Everyone’s favorite job task. However, if you use effective time management strategies, such as batching, you can take the mundane out of this important job responsibility. When you schedule and build business planning into your week, you can prioritize reviewing (and adjusting based on your findings) as well as planning ahead.


Planning is a vital component to business development, so resolve to make it a priority in 2017. For tips on time management, click here.



For more business resolution inspiration, click here to see the full list from Susan Ward.

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