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The opportunities for making some quick money are right around the corner with the coming of summer. If you are recently graduated, or taking time off from classes, you will be facing a few months with nothing really to do. Now is a great time to start a business of your own! You can start up with just a little cash, some hard work and a great idea, and start making a profit right away.

Here are a few ways you can be your own boss for the summer:

Beat the heat. Lots of places in the public out of doors don’t have snack bars, and when it gets hot people want water and sports drinks, and will definitely feel the lack of sunglasses and hats. And who doesn’t love those hand-held fans that spray water and cool air on you? Your business will be a welcome sight on a beach, at a park, or an outdoor sporting event. A busy street corner would also be a great spot for you to offer your wares. The startup cost here would be approximately $100, especially if you buy your stock at dollar stores. You can grow your business by reordering what sells the best.

Cut the grass. During the summer, a beautiful yard is a huge responsibility, and many people will be willing to pay someone else to do it. The average lawn should be mowed every 1-2 weeks, and then there is the additional landscaping to care for. Distribute flyers around subdivisions, and offer a decent price; people who are going on a long vacation will jump at the chance to avoid the huge job that will await them when they return, for example. The startup costs here, due to machinery needs, will be between $500-$1000, depending on whether you buy or rent new or used. Owning your equipment will help you grow more quickly and allow you to profit sooner.  You can then store it over the cooler months, and start up again next May or June, already ahead of the game.

Watch the dog. Pet-sitting is an easy and low cost business startup – all you need is transportation! Many people who are leaving their pets to go on a trip really don’t want to pay the doggy day care, and there are many pets who hate those places, anyway. Letting Rover stay home and sleep in his own bed will be an important factor for your clients as they enjoy their own summer vacations. These clients will remember you and may use you again during the holidays, too – and then there’s word of mouth advertising. Your dog-sitting service could end up being a long-term small business quite easily!

Hang out with the kids. Summer care for children is a huge concern for every working couple, and this can be a great way to make some money during the summer. Build trust with parents by providing a background check before they ask, and references from teachers, pastors, and people they may know will help a lot. If you have your own transportation the parents may be comfortable with you taking the children to the pool or the library; that’s something to work out in a way that will provide the best safety for their kids. You can offer tutoring as well, for an additional fee. The startup cost here would be small, limited to mainly marketing.

These summer business ideas are great for people who have to get back to school in the fall, as they can easily be stepped away from for the season. If you maintain your contacts you can get right back to work next year!

Here at Piccolo, we are available to help the next generation of small business owners. Call us today!

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