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Don’t Give Up… On Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

 I recently talked about taking a second look at your marketing budget, but now it’s time to tackle another issue that may arise as the year progresses. How do you stick to your marketing strategy? Odds are, you spent time putting together a strategy to make this years’ business profits better than the last. It’s important to not let this time go to waste. Time is Money I recommend taking a look at your marketing strategy and checking off everything that you have already successfully implemented this year. It always gives me a boost to see a physical representation of what I have accomplished! Anything that is left, should be your focus since your original marketing strategy was created based on market research with an end goal of achieving maximum profits in mind. The time you spent putting a strategy together should not be wasted. Those marketing goals you set in January for this year might need to be adjusted, but should still be just as relevant now as they were then. Read, Research, Repeat One of favorite sales strategists and author, John Boyens, has a book titled Creating a Productive Selling Zone. John’s book is broken up into easy to read/implement sections that keep information top of mind as your company continues to grow. Continue to research what apps, social media, and other marketing avenues are currently popular. While your strategy should not change much, technology will. Then, repeat both of these as the year continues. Reading and researching what is pertinent to your growing business can be the difference to making your marketing strategy take off. These may seem like simple tips, but sticking to your marketing strategy can create a tremendous difference. Just by measuring your progress and reviewing your goals, you remember the importance of your daily actions towards your long-term goals. Want to get more updates for your business? Get my emails: Image credit:


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