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Keep Your Small Business Marketing Strategy Alive Over the Holidays

Naturally many things are pushed to the back burner during the busy holiday season. Don’t leave your marketing strategy behind with your diet! Here are a few tips to help you keep on track for the rest of the year:

  1. Review your marketing goals for 2015.

We still have a few weeks until Thanksgiving. So before all the menu planning and family parties creep up on you, take a look back at where you started in January. What were your goals for the year? Identify the top 1-2 areas you need to focus on and make those your priority.

  1. Schedule time for marketing.

Set aside a block of time at the beginning of each week to focus on marketing. Whether it is setting up social media posts or getting out your next email blast, make it a priority. If it’s on the calendar, you’re more likely to get to it. And who doesn’t love crossing things off the to-do list!

  1. Be extra mindful about your content.

Just as you are getting busier, so are your customers. Take a little extra time to consider your wording, message, or content. Pictures, videos, or even appropriate holiday discounts are great ways to engage customers. 

  1. Do something special for the season.

Want to seem really on top of it? Try sending a little something special to your top clients, referral partners, etc. Not only will they feel appreciated, a simple gesture can go a long way in building loyalty. Need an idea? Check out Cookie Advantage; with package options designed to meet your individual needs, special messages, and, of course, DELICIOUS, cookies, your clients will be thanking you well into next year! image credit:


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