Get More Clicks on Your Email Campaign

Maybe sending weekly emails is a part of your marketing strategy. Maybe your company only sends an email periodically. Whatever the reason, the goal is making sure your emails get read. So, how do we increase the chance of having more clicks when an email is sent?

Subject Lines This is not the first time we have discussed email subject lines as being important. Think about it. The first thing anyone sees when they check their emails are who it’s from and the subject line. That is the moment that your email must stand out from the rest.

Less is More If you only send one email periodically, there may be a lot to talk about. The goal is to get your readers’ attention and keep it. Try not to overwhelm them with information overload. In fact, incorporate a teaser or two where they must click for the remainder of the story. This will make the email appear shorter which is good.

Segmentation Here’s a thought. Not everyone needs to see the same email. If you segment your reader lists and send more appropriate information tailored specifically to them, you will have more interest. An example is having a list for customers, and a list for potential customers. Only one of those lists needs to know how to maintain the product they bought from you.

Social Media Once your readers open the email, what do you want to accomplish? If your goal is to gain more follows and likes on social media, then add an easy way for someone to find you. Add the appropriate icons with a link to your specific pages. Possibly mention a teaser to initiate a follow. I.e. “For more information about….follow us.”

Do you want even more ideas to gain clicks? Check out this Hubspot article as a resource.

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