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How Can I Increase My Productivity When Working From Home?

Working from home presents a unique set of challenges for remote workers. The distractions will be much different – the family cat won’t be around to inspect typing abilities, for example! – while home lighting, office setup, and furniture may or may not be conducive to your team’s efficiency. 

Today we will explore ways to support and maintain your remote team’s productivity. 

Keep reading for some excellent solutions to support your remote teams.

What Are The Five Top Solutions That Support Remote Team Productivity?

Here are five ways you can support the efficiency and productivity of your remote workers that we think you’ll love:

  1. Encourage your team to reduce outside distractions to focus on the tasks at hand – start small. If a team member is frequently distracted by noise, ask them to try noise-canceling headphones. If ergonomics is a problem, help them acquire a lumbar-support cushion. Your team should know that reducing clutter is essential and that a clean and organized desktop gives them the optimal workspace. They can develop a better focus and flow by simplifying their home office setup and finding solutions for common distractors instead of suffering from constant distractions.
  2. Hammering out work first thing in the morning is satisfying for some people, and it is easier for them to focus at that time of day. Others may prefer getting down to business after lunch. Knowing when team members are most productive can help you better approach and structure the work day.
  3. When you take on two things at once, your brain processes information for both tasks more slowly; instead of doing one thing well, you’re ultimately doing two things less well. Encourage your remote team to avoid multitasking by focusing on one task at a time. Ensure they have enough deep work time to dive into tasks to achieve their unique flow state.
  4. Find a central source of truth for your business where you can integrate all your business tools, eliminate data silos, and ultimately increase your workplace productivity. Pulling your communication and coordination into the same place allows you to find the context for work right where work happens.
  5. Ultimately you can reduce “work about work” and increase productivity by focusing on team clarity and project visibility. So much work today is siloed and disconnected, requiring us to expend time and energy looking for, asking about, or hunting down tasks. When your team is occupied this way, they won’t be as productive and will have to make up high-impact work at another time. To increase team collaboration, you need a way to collaborate more effectively! A work management tool will help you do just that. Work management tools are a great way to approach and orchestrate your organization’s workflows to provide the clarity your team needs to hit your goals faster. When everyone has the information they need to accomplish the work that matters most, they will be as productive as possible!

Can Piccolo Solutions Help Me Support The Productivity Of My Remote Team?

That’s what we do! Piccolo Solutions is here to help you in every area of your business, and improving efficiencies is one of our main focuses! Here are just a few of the areas we are experts:

Systems Launchpad. Our Systems Launchpad reveals how six key systems are (or aren’t) working to move your business forward. With your customized plan, you’ll know your next steps for more streamlined processes and predictable growth. 

  • Streamline Project Management 
  • Manage Customer Relationships 
  • Improve Client and Team Onboarding 
  • Simplify Accounting and Finances
  • Empower Human Resources
  • Equip Administrative Professionals
  • Align Team Members, Contractors, and Staff
  • Get Started!

Marketing Launchpad. Our Marketing Launchpad gives you an understanding of your current marketing strategy and provides insights on how to improve that strategy to benefit your business. Our customized plan will help you approach marketing confidently, knowing you are investing where there are real opportunities to grow your business.

Connect with us here at Piccolo Solutions to learn how we can take your business to the next level! 

Piccolo helps companies to become stronger and more profitable through data-driven systems. We find efficiencies and solutions where others don’t, allowing you to make business decisions confidently, and that sense of certainty will free your mind. You’ll have the mental clarity and confidence to adapt, plan, and grow!

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