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Bringing a new partner onto your team is an exciting time. Each new hire has the potential to expand and elevate what your company does by putting their unique skills and experiences to work. Your onboarding and training process needs to be the best so your new team members can be completely prepared and confident in their roles within your organization. 

A lack of preparedness in your new hires can cost you time and money as you find yourself backtracking and revisiting their knowledge base to ensure they haven’t missed anything vital. Feeling unprepared can also affect your new hires negatively – you want them to feel welcome!

If you feel like your company could do better here, it’s time to discuss some ways you can take your onboarding and training to the next level!

What Are Some Top Tips For Excellent Onboarding And Training?


Making your onboarding and training processes more efficient, engaging, and relevant will powerfully impact your entire orientation process. 

Here are some top tips to elevate the onboarding and training process for your new hires:

  • Prepare your new hire by preboarding.
    • Communicate regularly with your newest team members to prevent uncertainty and nervousness.
    • Complete administrative tasks during preboarding so you can focus on the company itself during onboarding.
    • Connect new hires with their team so they will be familiar with your people and culture on day one.
    • Provide new employees with company information and what to expect during their first day and week. 
  • Make it all about your new team members. Emphasize their strengths and what they bring to your table to immediately alleviate any pressure your new hires might feel to fit into your company culture. 
  • Assign mentors to your new employees a mentor. When new hires are assigned mentors, they are given a starting point to build relationships, a ready contact for questions, and the human touch – which can sometimes be missing from the orientation process.

How Can Piccolo Help Me Elevate My Onboarding And Training Processes?

At Piccolo, we know that every company’s training and onboarding process is unique!

  • We help you stay true to your business’s colors while also systemizing custom workflows to help your new hire learn your company’s best practices. 
  • After downloading your unique company needs, we’ll get to work on creating templates and training materials to boost your efficiency. 
  • By learning about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats your business may face, we can help you see your projects through to completion.


At Piccolo, we have organized systems to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute projects. We can help you see projects through to completion AND stay within your allocated budget by sticking to a schedule and maintaining project milestones. 

Check out our Workflow Systems Development page to learn more about ways we can help you streamline your processes!

We also offer Project Management assistance, and our Social Media services are second to none!


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