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Is Your Client Communication Effective?

Whether we are talking about personal or business relationships, communication is everything. Great communication can ensure that any type of relationship will stay solid over the long-term, while poor communication is one of the very best ways to end even the best partnership. Most of us are pretty confident in our communication patterns when it comes to our friends and loved ones, and it probably comes naturally, but communication with a business client can take some practice and effort to perfect. 

Is your client communication effective? You may not be sure, or you may just want to revisit this aspect of your business to make it better. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got some tips to share with you today about effective client communication. 

Be Friendly 

You may be a super-upbeat person, or you might be the more chilled-out type. You always want to be genuine, but you definitely also want to be nice to people. And pay attention to the tone of your voice, too. You can even discuss uncomfortable issues, such as customer dissatisfaction or product failure, in a productive way if you use a respectful and kind speaking voice. 

Using No

This is a word many people hate, so try to avoid using it in your communications with your clients. It can be the real answer, but it doesn’t share pertinent information that helps people understand why that would be so, and in the business world the explanation can be the deal-breaker. If you must decline, give alternatives for your answer and try to work out a compromise. 

Active Listening

Everyone loves to talk to someone who listens. Actively. Not while they are on their phone, checking their emails, or studying the wallpaper. If you are in person or in a visual chat, look at the speaker and give them your full attention; if you are on the phone or a non-visual chat, make sure you let them know you are engaged by asking questions about what they are discussing or commenting appropriately. 


Your client is probably pretty busy, and it will be a waste of their time if they have to work to understand what it is you are communicating. Keep your emails and conversations short, sweet, and to the point, and provide follow-up emails outlining what you talked about on the phone for future reference. Ensure that all of your written communication is done in a professional manner, and please proofread! The quickest way to undermine your credibility is to send out an email or document full of spelling or grammatical errors.


Your mom probably reminded you often to “mind your p’s and q’s” while you were growing up, and moms almost always know best. Everyone loves a thank you, and “please” is just as important. It helps people to feel appreciated and respected, and that is extremely important in any relationship, including your relationship with your client. 

The Non-Verbals

When you are sitting down with anyone to talk, pay attention to how you present yourself. Are you making good eye contact? Are you presenting yourself as a confident and trustworthy person? 


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