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It’s time to develop your 2016 marketing strategy!

The new year will soon be upon us! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your marketing New Year’s resolutions. Entrepreneur shares five tips to creating a marketing plan. Get started today:

  1. Conduct a “situation analysis.”

Put together a brief overview of your marketing over the last year. What were your strengths? Weaknesses? Areas of opportunity? Were they any goals you had, but didn’t quite achieve?

  1. Define your audience.

Who are you currently working with and what type of customers are you trying to attract? Determine where you can find these consumers by considering what has or hasn’t been working and where your competitors are active.

  1. List your marketing goals.

To start, consider your goals for your company as a whole. How can you use your marketing strategy as a tool towards achieving your bigger goals? For examples of how to make your marketing efforts work for you, take a look back at some of my past blogs.

  1. Determine which platforms you’ll use.

Refer back to tip #2. Where is your audience active? From there, consider how your marketing can be tailored to their needs. Don’t forget to adjust your posts towards the platform – appropriate use of hashtags, pictures/videos, and overall messaging vary per site.

  1. Name your price.

Before you can really get started, you’ll need to know your budget. There are ways to get creative with your marketing strategy, you just need to know your bottom line and be able to maximize your efforts within those limits. A solid plan – and sticking to it – will be an easy way to meeting both your fiscal and marketing goals!

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For a second set of eyes to walk you through developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, give us a call at AVMS. We’d love to get you on the right track for 2016! 615-348-7768 ~

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