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It’s Time to Develop Your Marketing Strategy!

Do you feel like your business growth has stalled? Are you unable to verbalize your business marketing strategy? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, doing the same old things without any return?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get started!

“Should I hire a marketing consultant?”

You might already outsource certain aspects of your business, such as accounting or IT. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common to outsource your marketing services to a professional company and for all the same reasons. Check out my top 4 reasons you should consider hiring a marketing professional.

“How do I set my marketing budget?”

The new year is approaching (and fast!), which means it’s time for budgeting and strategizing.  Don’t let the idea of a marketing budget give you anxiety.  For the coming year, focus on these three steps to creating and sticking to a marketing budget that works for you.

“What social media platforms should I use?”

A recent study found that 30% of website traffic is generated from social media. Is your social media hitting that mark? Regardless of how many platforms you use or what your company size is, social media is a huge piece of the marketing strategy pie. As such, your efforts shouldn’t be wasted.

Check out my top 3 social media tips here.

“Is it time to update my current marketing strategy?”

With everything you have on your plate, it’s inevitable that something is going to be pushed to the backburner. In many businesses, it is common for those backburner projects to include marketing strategy. With a constantly growing and evolving series of social media platforms and lists and lists of “best practices,” how could you possibly even know if you are on the right track?

It’s OK to get help!

For a more thorough, one-on-one consultation and review of your marketing strategy, call or email us at AVMS! We’d love to help you get on track!

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