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Local Entrepreneur Launches Positive News Outlet, Happy News Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn., September 17, 2020— Anna-Vija McClain, CEO of Piccolo Marketing, is excited to announce the launch of Happy News Group, a positive news outlet that shines a light on encouraging and uplifting stories of real people creating a ripple effect of joy and contagious positivity in the world, one community at a time.

Happy News Group will bring feel-good and uplifting news stories to brighten your day. Along with the stories being shared on social media, Happy News Group has its own podcast hosted by McClain to interview people who have gone above and beyond to positively impact their communities and give them the opportunity to share their stories.

Happy News Group is not only committed to delivering good news but also giving back to the community as well. In addition to bringing awareness and lifting up the voices of individuals in the community, a portion of Happy News Group’s profits will be donated to various organizations.

When asked about Happy News Group, McClain said, “As a business owner, I have deep ties to the business community, nonprofits, and community organizations. I’ve seen first-hand how ordinary people are going above and beyond their everyday responsibilities to do extraordinary things for others. And I wanted to create an outlet to share and champion these positive news stories.”

McClain continued, “As a big advocate for mental health, I hope that shining a spotlight on these positive and proactive stories will counteract the overwhelming amount of negative news we see on a daily basis.”

As a one-stop-shop for all the happy current events and uplifting news stories you need, Happy News Group believes that there are more happy news stories out there if we’d simply stop and look around. To take a look for yourself, you can find them @happynewsgroup on all major social platforms.

Anna-Vija McClain’s company, Piccolo, provides the outsourced services and client care of an experienced marketing department, customized to your current projects and budgets. To learn more about Piccolo, visit their website or give them a call at 615-348-7768.

Want to learn more about Happy News Group? You can find more info on their website here.

View article on the Nashville Business Journal.


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