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Marketing Tips: How to Keep It Going While You’re Away on Vacation

Spring break is right around the corner… the sun, the sand, the drink in your hand. Keep your vacation a vacation by planning ahead and putting all your marketing efforts in place before you leave. Yes, you do deserve that much needed vacation, but your marketing strategy should never go on hiatus.


To keep your marketing going while you’re away, follow these simple tips for a stress-free, work-free vacation:


1. Plan ahead. If you’ve been working your marketing strategy up to this point, odds are you have a system that works for you. At Piccolo Marketing, we use content calendars, social media automation with Hootsuite, and team member task management through Asana. With a well-structured system in place it should be easy to look ahead at what tasks would need to be accomplished for the time you’re scheduled to be away.


2. Stick to the plan. Rather than letting a task go or getting a week or two behind, build some extra time in the weeks or days ahead of your trip to tackle these tasks early.  If something can’t be done ahead of time, this is a good opportunity to hand it off to a team member with clear instructions and expectations. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to stick to the plan because effective marketing requires consistency, presence, and visibility.


3. Automate. If you haven’t already automated some of your marketing practices, now may be just the time to do so. As I mentioned earlier, we use Hootsuite for scheduling and managing our social media presence. With an automation system, you can manage multiple social media platforms from one central location and take advantage of scheduling features. That way, your marketing will keep working long after you’ve hit the beach!


4. Take a look back. When you return from your lovely vacation, all tanned and relaxed, take a minute to review the processes you put into place. What went well? Where is there an opportunity for improvement?


Wishing you a safe, happy, and stress-free vacation!

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