My Secret to Business Success: Build Your Email Marketing List!

So, if you’ve read any of my past blogs, you’ve probably heard about the importance of building your email marketing list. While that’s all fine and good, you might be wondering how and where to start?

  1. Use a call-to-action button.

Wherever else you are reaching out to customers – your email signature, Facebook & other social media pages, blog, etc. – add a call-to-action button. Maybe someone found his or her way to your page through a friend or Google search. Give them an easy, no pressure way to take their commitment to the next level!

Make sure your content is engaging, informative, and unique in order to draw them in!

  1. Divide your list into segments.

Explore your email program for a segmentation option. With your contacts, develop a “master” list of all contacts, but then further divide your list into segments. Your segments will vary based on what makes sense for your company – options could include industry, past services, ranking (top 20%, top 2%), expressed interest in business services, etc.

This ensures you are delivering content that the customer actually wants and is more likely to keep them engaged.

  1. Create a free online tool or resource.

A free tool or resource accomplishes two goals – 1. Provides a service and value to current customers. 2. Draws in new contacts whose email information will be automatically added to your list. This could also be a step into a purchase or service commitment, such as a book, business development service, etc.

For inspiration, check out this resource: Your “Networking Ready” Cheat Sheet.


For help with implementing an email marketing campaign or list development campaign, give us a call at AVMS at 615-348-7768. We’d love to share our best practices with you!


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PO Box 160103
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